The new M 25 E has been designed to completely meet the ultimate customer requirements, providing the lowest cost of operation while maintaining the highest uptime in the industry. Since one engine standard typically does not fit all applications, different M 25 E configurations will be available to support various application-specific requirements. Based on the proven M 25 C, all versions have been extensively optimized for best fuel consumption and load acceptance, leading reliability and durability, and efficient Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) operation. The service and maintenance-friendly design, remote condition monitoring and diagnostic capabilities, as well as our unmatched global product support, respond to the industry’s desire to lower operational costs and down times beyond today’s standards.

Informações Tećnicas

  • Power Range: 2100-3150 kW
  • Speed Range: 720-750 rpm
  • Emissions: IMO II / IMO III with SCR

Mais informações

Power Rating

  • Power Range: 2100-3150 kW

Engine Specifications

  • Speed Range: 720-750 rpm
  • Emissions: IMO II / IMO III with SCR
  • Aspiration: Turbocharged
  • Bore: 255 mm / 10 in
  • Stroke: 400 mm / 15.78 in
  • Rotation from Flywheel End: Counterclockwise/Clockwise
  • Configuration: Inline 6,8,9 Cylinder
  • Swept Volume: 20.4 l/cyl / 1244.89 in³

Dimensions & Weights

  • Minimum Dry Weight: 21.2 ton (US) / 46738 lb
  • Minimum Length: 4840 mm / 190.6 in
  • Maximum Length: 6130 mm / 241.3 in
  • Minimum Height: 3386 mm / 133.3 in
  • Maximum Height: 3861 mm / 152 in
  • Minimum Width: 2080 mm / 81.9 in
  • Maximum Width: 2230 mm / 87.8 in

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