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The VM 43 C has been specially designed to meet the high requirements of the marine engine markets for cruise ships and ferries but also for other specialized ship types. To ensure that passengers enjoy a luxurious life-style on board, these ships require generator sets that are powerful on the one hand, but imperceptible on the other hand. The top priority is thus a generator set with low noise, vibration and emission levels. The source of this power is the calm strength of the VM 43 C working quietly in the background. Benefit from our expertise and experience: the VM 43 C has already fully demonstrated its excellence powering, for example, on the “Pont-Aven” deployed by Brittany Ferries.

Informações Tećnicas

  • Maximum Rating: 16111 kWe (20160 kVA)
  • Minimum Rating: 11508 kWe (14400 kVA)

Mais informações

Generator Set Specifications

  • Minimum Rating: 11508 kWe (14400 kVA)
  • Maximum Rating: 16111 kWe (20160 kVA)
  • Emissions/Fuel Strategy: EPA Tier 2 & IMO II

Engine Specifications

  • Configuration: 12,16 Cylinder
  • Bore: 430 mm / 17 in
  • Stroke: 610 mm / 24 in
  • Swept Volume: 88.6 l/cyl / 5406.7 in³

Generator Set Configurations

  • Emissions/Fuel Strategy: EPA Tier 2 & IMO II

Generator Set Dimensions and Weights – Dependent on Generator Type

  • Height: 6517 mm – 7047 mm (256.6 in – 277.4 in)
  • Length: 14740 mm – 16870 mm (580.3in – 664.2 in)
  • Weight: 275.0 t – 345.0 t (606271 lbs – 760594lbs)
  • Width: 3890 mm – 4027 mm (153.1 in – 158.5 in)

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