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The 3508C marine propulsion engine meets IMO II emissions regulation and delivers more power with lower emissions for your marine propulsion needs. Additionally, the 3508C provides outstanding fuel efficiency and lube oil consumption. Standard or reverse rotation options are available as well as worldwide parts and service. The 3500 engine platform is a streamlined and proven design that provides industry-leading reliability & durability.

Informações Tećnicas

  • Power Range: 775-1100 bhp (578-820 bkW)
  • Speed Range: 1200-1600 rpm
  • Emissions: IMO II, EU IW

Mais informações

Power Rating

  • Power Range: 775-1100 bhp (578-820 bkW)

Engine Specifications

  • Speed Range: 1200-1600 rpm
  • Emissions: IMO II, EU IW
  • Aspiration: TTA
  • Bore: 170 mm / 6.7 in
  • Stroke: 190 mm / 7.5 in
  • Displacement: 34.5 l / 2107 in³
  • Rotation from Flywheel End: Counterclockwise or Clockwise
  • Configuration: Vee 8, 4-Stroke-Cycle Diesel

Dimensions & Weights

  • Minimum Dry Weight: 4960 kg / 10935 lb
  • Length: 2117 mm / 83.4 in
  • Height: 1829 mm / 72 in
  • Width: 1703 mm / 67 in

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