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Solar Power – Building applications from 6 kW to 100 kW – SUNSYS P66TR


66 kW three-phase PV inverter

The solution for

• Installations in large commercial buildings
The best, high-efficiency performance

• The SUNSYS P66TR inverter is the ideal solution for photovoltaic applications on large roofs with a power of 66 kW.
• The transformer design and three-phase output make them suitable for low-voltage networks.
• The modular architecture with a three-level converter and the DPC function allow improved energy production at low levels of sunlight.
• Thanks to the transformer, SUNSYS P66TR is fully compatible with all photovoltaic module technologies. The earthing kit allows earthing of both positive and negative poles of the solar module, in complete safety.
• The Sunsys IFB and Sunguard supervision system facilitate the monitoring and maintenance of the photovoltaic installation.
The benefits of the “Dynamic power Control” system

• Increased efficiency
The DPC system optimizes the efficiency of your installation, particularly for partial loads. The inverter starts to produce electricity at low levels of sunlight.
• Increased lifetime
Thanks to the DPC, only the modules required for energy production are operational. In addition, use of the power modules is verified in a cyclical manner to share the load time. The duration of operation of a module is thus optimized, increasing the useful life of the inverter.
• Better availability
If one of the inverter power modules stops (due to a fault), the system will automatically reconfigure in order to use the remaining modules as best possible, and to continue supplying the maximum possible amount of energy.

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